Thursday, September 6, 2012

Open to the Public!

Hi all! We've been working on this blog for a little while now, while we decided exactly what we wanted to do with it...but we've decided to make it public, so that you can all join in. A quick summary of what the whole thing is about:

I'm a lifelong Doctor Who fan whose heart belongs, deeply and truly, to the Virgin and BBC book lines. They're "my Doctor" the same way other people view the Tom Baker era or the David Tennant era as "their Doctor", and while I've shared a lot of my love of Doctor Who with my beautiful wife Dee, she's read a relatively small portion of the book lines. And so we decided to read them together, and write about them together, and then talk about what we read. For her, it's a brand new journey to a part of the series she missed; for me, it's a trip down memory lane and a chance to explore how the new series couldn't exist without the New Adventures. We don't have a set timetable, so updates will be irregular, but we hope that you'll all join in the adventure with us!

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  1. I came to Dr. Who through the the US Pinnacle Books editions. Then our local bookstore started to get some of the Target Editions. I read plenty of those in grade school before I was ever able to stay up late and watch the actual broadcast show out at midnight on Sunday on Chicago Public Television. So yeah, love the books and love to hear about ones I didn't read.